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  • Rise Like A Phoenix

    Every month
    Essential Oils and Spiritual Healing converge for your holistic well-being.
    • Monthly Meditations
    • Learn how to use essential oils in your spiritual practice
    • Private Facebook Group

Rise Like A Phoenix Membership!

Welcome to the Odyssey of Ashara Phoenix, where spiritual seekers unite as Phoenixes, ready to soar to new heights of enlightenment and healing through the ancient wisdom of nature's gifts – essential oils.

Rise Like a Phoenix is our monthly membership designed for spiritual healers eager to unlock the transformative power of nature's bounty. Within this sacred circle, you'll embark on a journey of spiritual elevation while we explore ready-made recipes, delve into the spiritual uses of single essential oils, and uncover the profound healing potential of these sacred essences. But our journey doesn't end there. Each month, our Odyssey gathers for a masterclass that aligns with the rhythm of the pagan seasons or the profound teachings of Chinese elements, further enriching our understanding and application of nature's wisdom.

In the Odyssey, we stand together, ready to embrace the mysteries of the natural world, ignite our inner flames of transformation, and emerge reborn into a realm of heightened spirituality and wellness. Are you prepared to spread your wings, embrace nature's embrace, and join us on this extraordinary odyssey of self-discovery and enlightenment? If so, welcome home, fellow Phoenix. The journey awaits.

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