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Each Bundle comes with a satin bag, a dried sage stick, and a crystal that will help guide you on your spiritual journey. Each essential oil has been blended with positive reiki energy, love, and light. The Intentions blend contains Lavender, Cypress, Clary Sage, and Orange.


Intentions Blend is a carefully curated fusion of essential oils crafted to empower your journey toward self-discovery and authenticity. Immerse yourself in the transformative aura of this blend, designed to illuminate your inner vision and amplify the power of your voice. Intentions encourage authenticity, elevate your vibrations, and provide a shield of protection, instilling courage and emotional stability.


In perfect harmony with the throat chakra, our Intentions Blend invites you to embrace the power of expression and truth. Let the invigorating notes guide you towards a deeper connection with your inner self, allowing your intentions to resonate with clarity and purpose. Elevate your daily rituals with Intentions as it becomes a steadfast ally, supporting you in speaking your truth and manifesting your aspirations with confidence and authenticity.


Place your crystal on the cycle of the moon you are currently working on. Then burn your sage stick and cleanse your space and self. Remember that thoughts have power; thoughts motivate intentions; intentions need to be pure of heart, so dig deep into your purpose and what the outcome will be. The outcome returns to your thought.

Intentions Sage Stick Bundle

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