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"I ordered a mystery palo santo dragon egg bundle and was in awe of how spot on it was for me! The scent of the palo blend is so beautiful!" Lauren M Ashara Phoenix Customer!


Introducing the Mystery Palo Santo and Dragon Egg Bundle Set! It is a captivating fusion of ancient mystique, aromatic essence, and divine guidance. Immerse yourself in the magical world of dragons with this unique offering that combines a crystal rock resembling a dragon egg, an essential oil-infused palo santo stick, and an exquisite accompanying crystal. 

🐉 Dragon Egg Crystal Rock:
Each bundle set features a handpicked crystal rock carefully chosen for its resemblance to a mystical dragon egg. These mesmerizing crystals are not only visually stunning but are believed to carry the energy of dragons, fostering a connection to the mythical realm and infusing your space with enchantment. The dragon egg fosters the embrace of one's roots and a harmonious connection to the innate rhythms of the universe. The patterns within the stone are associated with nature, grounding, and growth. It is believed to enhance one's connection to the natural world. It serves as a catalyst for Earth healing and instills a sense of tranquility within one's inner realm. Spiritually, it is regarded as a protective stone with the ability to awaken and align all chakras.

Essential Oil-Infused Palo Santo Bundle:
Experience the purifying and uplifting properties of palo santo bundled with precision and care. Our palo santo sticks are infused with a specially curated blend of essential oils, creating a fragrant ambiance that elevates your surroundings. Allow the aromatic embrace to cleanse and refresh your space, inviting positivity and clarity.

Satin Bag and Accompanying Crystal:
Each set comes elegantly presented in a satin bag, ensuring the protection and preservation of your dragon egg crystal and palo santo bundle. Accompanying this mystical ensemble is a carefully chosen crystal that complements the intended blend of essential oils. These crystals serve as amplifiers, enhancing the energy and benefits of the chosen scents.

🔮 Dragon Oracle Guidance:
Embark on a journey of discovery as you let the dragons or the universe guide you. Upon selecting your Mystery Dragon Egg Bundle Set, Ashara Phoenix will draw a dragon oracle card to unveil the perfect scent blend for you. Trust the wisdom of the dragons to align you with the energies that resonate with your spirit, providing a personalized and magical experience.

Social Media Unveiling:
Follow Ashara Phoenix on all social media platforms to witness the unveiling of each Mystery Dragon Egg Bundle Set. From the drawing of the dragon oracle card to the revelation of the chosen scent blend, join the community in celebrating the magic and mystery of this enchanting experience.


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Choose the unknown, embrace the mystical, and let the dragons guide you to a realm of scented wonders with the Mystery Palo Santo and Dragon Egg Bundle Set by Ashara Phoenix. Elevate your space, connect with ancient energies, and embark on a journey of aromatic enchantment. 🐲✨




Mystery Palo Santo Bundle and Dragon Egg

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