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Each Bundle comes with a satin bag, palo santo stick, and a crystal that will help guide you on your spiritual journey. Each essential oil has been blended with positive reiki energy, love, and light. The Serenity blend contains Cypress, Orange, Frankincense, and Juniper.


Serenity Blend is a harmonious infusion of essential oils that resonates with the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Immerse yourself in a fragrant journey that encourages solace, balance, and a steadfast sense of inner peace. Crafted to bring soothing comfort and understanding, this blend embraces you with a gentle embrace, fostering both serenity and willpower.


Indulge in the tranquil notes that are designed to create a grounded atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with the principles of the solar plexus chakra. Feel the rejuvenating power as this blend instills a sense of calm and balance, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with resilience. Elevate your well-being with the comforting embrace of Serenity, inviting a renewed connection to your inner self and the nurturing essence of Mother Earth.


Place your crystal on the cycle of the moon you are currently working on. Then burn your palo santo and cleanse your space and self. Remember that thoughts have power; thoughts motivate intentions; intentions need to be pure of heart, so dig deep into your purpose and what the outcome will be. The outcome returns to your thought.

Serenity Palo Santo Stick Bundle

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